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Hosted by Live Arts in NYC

Streamed live on Apr 21, 2013

Panelists left to right: Teresa Curtin, Lewis Merkin, Terrylene Sacchetti, Aaron Kubey
Moderator: Janice Rimler

ASL-to- English interpretation for moderator and for panelist Terrylene Sacchetti.

Interpreting team- Lynnette Taylor, Bill Moody, Jon Wolfe Nelson, Stephanie Feyne

ASL into to English
StreetLeverage Live 2013

“Authenticity: The Impact of a Sign Language Interpreter's Choices”

StreetLeverage – Live 2013 | Atlanta, GA
Streamed live on April 27, 2013

Her talk explored how the choices made by sign language interpreters affects the perception of Deaf people and how interpreters can present a more “authentic” representation of someone’s message.

Workshop entails more in-depth participation and practice of strategies.

Transcription available at

Panel and Interview
International Sign into English

“Working in the Theatre: Big River”

Original tape date: September 18, 2003

“Moderator Ted Chapin talks with Director Jeff Calhoun, actors Phyllis Frelich, Tyrone Giordano and Daniel Jenkins, and producers Todd Haimes and Bill O'Brien. They explain how Deaf West Theatre Company, a sign language theatre company, decided to produce the musical "Big River"; why that is not a bad idea, as many initially thought; the integration of signing into the choreography of the show; and how 2 actors, one hearing and one deaf, shared each of the principal roles.”

Interpretation for moderator and panelists.

Strand Ovation | “Spring Awakening”

Original date: December 10, 2015.

We’re launching our brand-new Strand Ovation series with one of the biggest shows on Broadway. Don’t miss this one-of a kind opportunity to hear how Spring Awakening came to be! Rave reviews and accolades flooded in after Spring Awakening by Deaf West Theater came to Broadway this fall. Join us for an intimate conversation with key players from the team that produced “not so much a revival as a reinvention” of the modern classic (Variety):

Ken Davenport, producer

DJ Kurs, artistic director of Deaf West Theater

Sandra Mae Frank, Wendla

Katie Boeck, voice of Wendla

Daniel N. Durant, Moritz

Alex Boniello, voice of Moritz

The panel is moderated by Jill Rafson, director of new play development of Roundabout Theatre Company, and associate producer for Roundabout Underground.

Interpretation for Deaf panelists.

Interpretation team:
Kat Dunams, Jon Wolfe Nelson, Stephanie Feyne

English into ASL for children


Library Talk – 2011 | New York, NY
Posted on YouTube

This event occurred in a school library. Adam Gidwtiz was reading from his first book, “A Tale Dark and Grimm,” to a mixed class of Deaf and hearing children. This was a “cold” interpretation as there had been no opportunity to read the book prior to this visit. The children were in second to 4th grade.

Dr. Liisa Kauppinen’s Vision for Human Rights
United Nations – 2013 | New York, NY
Posted on Vimeo by the World Federation of the Deaf

Dr. Liisa Kauppinen was awarded the United Nations Human Rights Prize, along with 6 other leaders, including Malala Yousafzai.

Dr. Kauppinen presented her remarks to the United Nations in International Sign. The team in the room included Stephanie Feyne and Dr. Christopher Stone.